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Welcome to Inspire Media Group Pty Ltd. We are a dedicated and experienced team with over 30 years of combined experience in the publishing, media, and digital industry's. Our team have a proven track record in helping media publishers and associations turn their media into efficient and streamlined money making machines.

With experience in managing and developing sales, features & editorial, production and management systems, Inspire Media Group will surely have new insights for you to consider. Our dedicated and experienced staff have formed Inspire Media Group to assist publishers, associations and peak bodies with the day to day operation in communications, brand awareness and advertising sales.

Inspire Media Group can help streamline your operations by providing outsourced sales professionals, management system's, and digital campaigns which will maximise your media’s presence.  Finding quality staff is an issue for every business in Australia especially when it comes to sales professionals for publishers. Take this stress away from your company and outsource this costly and time consuming component to Inspire Media Group.  We have dedicated sales representatives who can get you the results you need.  All we require is a brief on your goals, target market, and projected budgets.. then we will work with you to maximise your media's potential.

If you feel you have the right sales staff but need a fresh new approach to the way you sell your media, then contact Inspire Media Group so we can help you reduce the time and ongoing costs of training staff, paying retainers, dealing with staff turnovers, and the ongoing paper trail.

Are you a publisher that has been successful over the years, but recently feel that you might be missing out on all the new digital technologies and options available to publishers today? If so, then Inspire Media Group can show you how to make your publications more successful and can help transform your media into a mixed media platform trough a range of proven digital marketing solutions.

Are you a quality publisher or association and that has a reputation for quality publications that drive results for their clients?  If this is you, then we want to hear from you!  Managing your digital assets alone is a full time roll for companies who want to do it right.  However at Inspire Media Group we can cut your costs significantly by implementing proven methods and operating systems to reduce these costs and staff workload.

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Want more from your media? Contact Inspire Media

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Through a dedicated and experienced team with over 30 years of combined experience in the publishing, media, and digital industry's... Inspire Media will help you to reach your target market. Our team have a proven track record in helping media publishers, associations, and peak authorities turn their media into a efficient and streamlined marketing platform to reach their target markets.  With a proven print acumen we combine our extensive knowledge of the ever changing digital industry to offer you an impressive range of print + digital offerings.


Inspire Media was created from our genuine love for technology and how this is driving revolutionary changes in publishing, marketing, and media for business's across Australia and the world.

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