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Friday, 14 September 2012 13:00

How to leverage Social Networking for you business

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Social networking has grown from something the geeks of this world played with from the basement of their parents house, to an imperative part of every business's 'marketing mix'.

The image below updates us all on the latest statistics and trends that social media has brought to our day to day business operations. Some examples or these statistics:

  • Facebook has 845+ million users
  • Twitter has over 140 million users
  • On average there are 340 millions tweets per day
  • Linkedin has more than 150 million users
  • Google+ has over 100 million users
  • and much more...

When you have easy access to a free audience of this size, why wouldn't you implement a Social Media strategy today?

If you require a larger version of this image, you can download a larger version via the blue download attachment link at the bottom of this post.

Social Networking Statistics

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