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How top business Generate NEW Leads today in 2012

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Today's post topic will be the most critical article for everyone who reads my blog. Today we will discuss how the best and most successful companies are generating new sales leads for their business.

This blog post is important because it will show you how your business should be generating your sales leads for your company and illustrates the major solutions that we provide here at Inspire Media.

If you are busy right now, I invite you to take a deep breath, grab a coffee, because the information in the chart below is of the highest importance to you and your company, especially if you need a boost in the sales area.

The chart below shows the activities that the most successful companies have already implemented to generate leads and more income.

Most Successful Lead Generation Tactics in 2012

The first top 7 best lead generating tactics are relatively new digital age techniques, that most business I have worked with over the years are not useing at all, or are aware of to some degree but don't know how to implement.

I ask you, "Out of the top 7 tactics listed, email marketing, search engine optimization (seo), The top 7 lead generation tactics in the chart are all new digital age techniques. Are you using them?social media, website optimization, content marketing, and paid search (PPC)..... how many of these tactics do you currently use, and of those tactics that you do use, how would you rate your success out of 10, with (1) being the least and (10) being the most"?

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