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Friday, 21 September 2012 12:28

Must know statistics on Email Marketing

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Statistics dictate the need for certain changes to email marketing strategies.

Mobile email marketing is getting more important to consumer marketers. More users are looking at email content on their mobile devices and expect proper optimization on their devices.

The benefit of designing for mobile is that a percentage of users are already making purchases through their devices. As more trust grows within this industry, it can be expected that the number of consumers will grow.

According to Nielsen, 53 percent of mobile users check email on their phone at least once each day. Similar results have been reported by other organizations like The Relevancy Group, who reported that 57 percent of respondents check email daily on their phone.

Different companies have different audiences so statistics on this topic will always vary a bit. Regardless of the source, current data shows that over half of mobile phone users check email on their devices.

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Futhermore, about a fifth of mobile email users will subscribe to an email newsletter with their device. In other words, there is potential behind mobile email communication. With 20 percent of users subscribing to email newsletters through mobile, over 50 percent willing to purchase through mobile email, and nearly 70 percent ready to delete an email that doesn’t optimize well on mobile, there’s a real importance surrounding mobile email.

For instance, over 50 percent respondents in Blue Hornet’s recent report will click on the “view this email online” option found in many emails. This is clear proof that email has a strong potential to lead to direct website traffic.

MarketingTechBlog.com has found that 80 percent of respondents believe reading email newsletters on PCs is easier than reading them on mobile. This isn’t surprising due to the size of mobile device screens. However, the bigger the mobile market gets, consumers will begin to expect more from mobile-optimized email content.

A rundown on findings

A larger population is viewing and consuming email content via mobile. The way your emails render on smartphones particularly matter. If you take the time to create email optimized well for smartphones, you have a greater chance of attracting subscribers and consumers directly from their mobile device.

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